deviled eggsHave you every wonder why Deviled Eggs are called Deviled Eggs?

We were catering a large southern wedding reception in South Carolina where we were serving the southern staple, Deviled Eggs. A guest suggested that the eggs were always served on southern tables as they soak up alcohol which allowed dinner guests to continue to enjoy the festivities. After a little research on “Deviled Eggs” I realized that Eggs have taken many forms through out history. First of all boiled eggs originally were served in ancient Roman times as a “gustatio” course or first course. They were boiled and seasoned with oil, wine broth, pepper, vinegar, honey and lovage. In Spain in the 13th century the eggs were stuffed with onion, fish paste, cilantro and then put back together and secured with a stick. The term “Devil” began in the 18th century which meant spicy, highly seasoned and then boiled or fried. The term “Devil” was not always used depending on where the eggs were served as not to reference Satan. In a church setting the eggs were called “Stuffed eggs” or ” Salad eggs”. If you are drinking plenty and eating many deviled eggs, it is highly likely that you may just feel like you are visiting Satan himself. I guess it all depends on how many cocktails you drink!